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Following this thread:

I did some tests to verify that the images are cached. I used several methods, but every time I do not cache the images.

Xojo indicates that the image is cached (image.cached = true), but the tools of the browser (Chrome or Safari) indicate that the image is not cached, even if I reload the page several times.

The only time it works is when it is an image URL served by another server (ie

I use Xojo 2014R1 on Mac, debug mode, and standalone on Mac.

For example:

I have:

  • image in IDE: image1
  • webPage1
  • a webPicture property of the webPage: wPic1
  • an imageView object in the webPage: imageView1

In Open Event of webPage:

if wPic1=nil then
wPic1=new webPicture


I also tried with:

if wPic1=nil then    
wPic1 = New WebPicture
wPic1.Session = Nil
Dim p As New Picture(100, 100, 32)
p.Graphics.ForeColor = &c0000ff 
p.Graphics.FillRect(10, 10, 50, 50)
wPic1 = p  
ImageView1.URL=wPic1.url (or imageView1.picture=wPic1)

The browser does not cache the image. I made ??a mistake or it works only in CGI?

This is exactly what I have found which is what got me thinking about the post you refer to. This is even more noticeable on mobile devices on slow bandwidth connections.


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if it is a bug, this is an important bug, because it slows down our applications and uses a lot more bandwidth.