C.H.I.P (ARMv7)?

You might have heard about C.H.I.P, the “Worlds first $9 computer”?

Anyway, I bought one of these a while ago and should get it delivered sometime in june.
I bought it just for fun, but I think it should run Xojo ARMv7 apps?

It has a ARM Cortex-A8 that seems to be an ARMv7 CPU.
Just seeking confirmation from the knowledgeable in this field :slight_smile:

As I see it, there are some benefits over the RPi Zero since it has built in wi-fi and bluetooth and might run Xojo apps :wink:

Found this document that says it’s an ARMv7-A.

Guess that’s a good thing :slight_smile:

Please do tell us when you have tried Xojo apps. At that price, it is an amazing feat.

I most certainly will!