Buy Anything get XDC videos free.

@Dana Brown I bought (at no charge) a raspberry Pi license, but can not see where the free XDC videos will be, do you send out a link later?

According to my Mac’s Dictionary app, “Buy” means “obtain in exchange for payment”. Nice try though… :slight_smile:

How about ‘Purchase’, thats used as well.

purchase | ?p??t??s | verb [with object] 1 acquire (something) by paying for it

FWIW, you can buy anything from their store, not just licenses and there are some smaller useful items on there…

Raspberry Pi licenses are always free. You can redeem a code for them at any time. The promotion is valid for any store purchase - so you can buy Xojo licenses, Xojo Cloud, XOJO.CONNECT passes or the third party store!

Pretty sure there is always a technicality. :>

:wink: nice try… what about buying, watching the videos and then canceling the purchase, which in Europe is still possible after 4 weeks for digital goods…

Nah, though I think the videos ought to be free for all license holders, that’s just a bit unethical.

I don’t mind, that’s the reason to attend to XDC I would say. But Xojo could consider to make at least Geoffs keynote and outlook viewable for all license holders.

Spend $15 and buy SQLVue or $22 and buy the Windows placement extensions (or something equally inexpensive)
At least then a portion of the sale goes to the original developer & you get the videos


@Dana_Brown, I didn’t know about this, lol.

Where do I find these?

Thanks Julian, but I meant the XDC videos :slight_smile:

They are all available on the YouTube channel
now, here-

Go to the playlists: look for XDC

No worries thanks, I thought there may have been others I hadn’t seen. Thanks.