Buttons flicker in Xojo 2013r3

I don’t know if this is a bug or a feature… The flickering in the IDE seems to have been reduced in 2013r3 compared to r2, but at least for me this seems to have an unfortunate effect on compiled apps. I don’t know exactly what causes this, but it seems that the more controls in a window, the more the controls/bevel buttons flicker on resize. I have uploaded an extremely simple test project here:


Running this project and resizing the window in 2013r2 works smooth as silk, but in 2013r3 the bevel buttons flicker. This is just a simple sample project, I have larger projects written in 2012r2 where the flicker is much worse (the buttons practically disappears until the resizing is complete).

So does anyone else have the same problem? Is this worth reporting as a bug, or is this behaviour perhaps implemented in the framework as a trade off to reduce flicker in the IDE (some kind of reduction of the redraw ratio)?

Make sure you create a Feedback case (with your sample app) so we can have an engineer look into it.

Interesting, if you remove the icon from the BevelButton it no longer flickers, but with an icon assigned it flickers badly, but it also flickered badly in 2013r2 as well. FWIW I just assigned an icon to the top-right most BevelButton, leaving the others with no icon assigned. Please do as Paul suggests and create a Feedback case, thanks.

Ok, feedback case created with number 29789.

I found out that all buttons are flickering, except the one last-added which does not flicker.

Despite the fact the bevelbutton is a very usefull control, in Xojo it is also useless for us because it draw always a border unesteemed the settings. Hope the bevelbutton will be fixed completely soon.

You are right, Chris. The last added button does not flicker for some reason. I will update the feedback case with this info.

There’s a general flicker issue with BevelButtons on Windows, I found another report and merged yours to it. It’ll be fixed in the next release.