Button Styles

It seems that contrary to the LangRef , there doesn’t seem to be the documented button styles

For Bevel Button.
Small Bevel , Normal Bevel, Large Bevel and No Bevel all look identical [I know “No Bevel” is WinOnly, but stil]
RoundedBevel has a white background, but otherwise looks the same as the others
Round and LargeRound seem to be the same size, but at least they are round :slight_smile:
Disclosure seems to do what is intended

For PushButton
Push, Gradient, Texture, and Bevel all look the same
Square seems to have a shadow inside
Recess seems to be ok

Rounded, Recess and Round Texture seem to be outside of their bounding rectangle (slightly below)

Supposedly these are all supposed to do something under macOS (with the known “No Bevel”)

Am I doing something wrong, or have these never worked in the past

The bevel button returns whatever the OS returns. For instance on macOS, there is no longer a distinction between the different bevel sizes.

Kind of what I thought, although macOS does have a few minor styles not available via Xojo… so minor as to not be worth the effort to add them :slight_smile: [inline being really the only one]

Perhaps an update to the LangRef indicating those are all the same … and also “Rounded” is Pushbutton Enum value 2, which is omitted in the LangRef .

And the few buttons that drop below their bounding rectangles should be noted (I can’t do feedback)

It’s been reported some days ago <https://xojo.com/issue/53342>