Button in the IDE toolbar for line numbers

with r3 it seems you can show/hide line numbers only in prefs
why this ?
I don’t need line numbers, only some times and it’s pain to go to the preferences to show and then return to hide them.
why did this handy button dissapear ?
even not a command in any menu ? in any contextual menu ?

I want the line numbers all the time. It was a pain before that I had to turn them on for each method I was looking at.

Still, something more might be done. Perhaps line numbers OFF in the prefs might trigger the previous behaviour.

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It doesn’t. We decided earlier this year to get rid of the editor by editor toggle.

I know, and I personally am happy with that. Nothing stops @Jean-Yves_Pochez from putting in a feature request, however.

if they decided intentionnaly to remove the button, my FR will win a “closed by design” award …


but would a FR asking for a contextual menu “toggle line number on/off” be accepted ?

i also mis this feature, for example the someone says “yeah that’s on line #” now i have to go to the preferences and togle it on… to the code… and toggle it back off (since i don’t like the numbers much).

Having the quick-actions is really nice, not having them is not…:wink:

Then you have to suffer the project reshuffle of doom as you close the options window if you have more than one ide window open in windows.

for me it’s mainly when I debug drawing in ide the websdkcontrols. the message window tells us “error on line #…” and there I need the line number. once it is debugged, I don’t need them.

If you need to jump to a line number within a method, use Go To Location with the method open and then type the line number.

Turning line numbers on/off for individual editors is not coming back. That never worked the way anyone wanted. An option to easily turn the preference on/off might be considered.

there should be a small help in the goto location window itself explaining this ( and may be other tricks like this)

This blog post covers a few other tips:

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I never knew this was a per-editor setting since i’ve always reset the setting back to off after seeing the line… Having it to be a global setting is just as usefull (just tuning on/off quickly was the most useful part).

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