Button highlighting during DropObject

I am using Xojo Version 2017 Release 2.1
When I drop a file into a BevelButton which is enabled for AcceptFileDrop, the button gets highlighted with a focus ring in the Mac OS X (Intel) build.
But in the Mac OS X (Cocoa Intel) build, the button does not get highlighted with a focus ring, but the DropObject works.
Is there any way of getting the focus ring to work ?

Sorry. I forgot to mention that the Mac OS X (Intel) build was using Real Studio Version 2012 Release 2.1

me.setfocus in MouseEnter?

No. When the mouse enters a button that accepts a FileDrop, the button gets automatically highlighted to indicate it will accept the file that is to be dropped. This was hapenning in the build generated by Real Studio 2012 Release 2.1. But in Xojo 2017 Release 2.1 it does not happen.