Business Plan

Hello everyone,

I have been “playing” with Xojo for several years. I already do some native applications, Flutter and Xojo. Some of my applications are public, others are for my private use. I intend to be a professional developer. I have some ideas for applications: small and large projects from a few days of development to several months. Many of my ideas can be realized with Xojo desktop, mobile and web application.

I have several questions to make my passion a real job. Can you help me ? What business plan do you have for your applications? Are you living off your app revenue? What is your (best) strategy in this business? Where to start ?

Thank you for your feedback.

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Read this here for making plans about which app to develop: .


A few points come into mind:

Start your business while you still have a regular job. Your new business may not make a living for a few years and cost money.

You need a few products to diversify. Whatever app you develop, it may not be successful financial.

Only half of your time is for development including building website and documentation. Other half is marketing and sales.

Listen to podcasts about indy developers. You can learn a lot from them.

Define a way on how to collect money for your applications. e.g. use a service like FastSpring or MyCommerce to have them run the webshop for you.

Start a limited company to separate business from your personal finances. Get a tax advisor to avoid trouble with tax collectors.

You may do Xojo consulting jobs to make some money if you urgently need revenue. But that distracts you from developing your own products.


Thank you for your ideas and reflexion.

My plan is to put some Free apps on the App Store with some in-app purchases for more options. Is it possible on the Mac App Store with Xojo ? Is it possible on Windows and Linux or did I need a licence management ?

Other question is about how to test the market and try to have sales prediction for making a business plan ? And finally how do you organize your workflow ?

You can do Mac App Store with Xojo.
We have classes to help in our plugins for macOS and Windows.

Please note that if you want to make a $5 utility app, e.g. $3 after fees and taxes, you may need over 30000 sales to make a $100.000 a year for a living. And if that is in-app purchase, you may only get something like a few percent to buy it, so you need 100000s of people downloading it.

If you could find a niche in a business application sold for $199, you only need something like 800 customers to make the same amount.