Bus error: 10


We have an app that runs as a standalone (Windows, Mac) and CGI script (linux). For a while now it has seemingly crashed for no reason, alot of the time when it was either doing nothing or just open but no user interaction had taken place in a while. We were never able to track it down in either windows or linux. I recently moved to Mac and setup the application as standalone. Now when the app crashes I get a message - “Bus error: 10”.

Any help to fix this problem would be much appreciated.


crash logs would be useful
core dumps
whatever you can find in that vein is usually useful

As the crash log is so big is there a particular section/s to look at?

What version of Xojo? Previous versions had an issue with inline If statements that could produce that error.

Version 2014 Release 2.1

Then I doubt that’s the issue as I haven’t come across that problem in the latest release version.

Oh don’t post it here
Attach it to a feedback report then it shouldn’t matter

Thanks Norman have done that.

Ok, I may be way off base on this since I haven’t programmed on a Mac in over 10 years but…

Bus error:10 is what you gt when the program tries to access inaccessible memory. This can often be the result of a stack overflow but, unless you have objects or methods iterating instances of themselves, this is unlikely. More likely is that you have created an object dynamically, say a memoryblock or structure, and failed to release it (set the variable to nil) and for some reason it never got destroyed. (This is sort of the opposite of a nil object exception.)

Another possible cause is if you have a method that takes a parameter by reference and, somehow, destroyed the actual object that the ByRef refers to before trying to use the value of the ByRef parameter. (Boy I hope that sentence makes sense!) In this case, the ByRef parameter points off to someplace that doesn’t exist.

Of course, I may be way off since I really haven’t dug into a Mac since the old PowerMac days.