Burning a DVD with opensuse

I downloaded openSUSE-Leap-15.4-DVD-x86_64-Build243.2-Media.iso, then I followed the instructions to burn it on DVD (in i5 MacBook Pro) but I get a message saying there is no file system in that iso.

On m1, the situation is worse, nothing is done:
a. drop the ISO on DiskUtils left pane (Volume display area)
b. Open an Image Menu Item.

Searching @ openSUSE web site leads to outdated documentation and broken link to Apple…

So, how can I burn that ISO file into a DVD.

Nota: I was able to burn windows iso sometimes ago from that i5 MacBook Pro.

Open with on M1 (file name: openSUSE-Tumbleweed-DVD-x86_64-Snapshot20220613-Media, 4.59GB):

What are the instructions?

Is not just click the ISO and select burn?

(old image from the web)

Thank you Alberto for your answer.

What are the instructions?
These are in opensuse web page (two lines…) with a broken link to an Apple page (follow the instructions there…).

Is not just click the ISO and select burn?

Your image:
I have to go back home to test back with my BR external burning/reading drive connected.

Nota: there is no built-in optic disk drive (CD/DVD/BR) in MA MacBook laptops, so no, I do not have what that image display. Here’s mine:

This is what I found:

In the Finder, open the Go menu and select Utilities. In the Utilities folder you will find an application called Disk Utility. Open it, then drag and drop the downloaded ISO image in to the left hand sidebar. Select the image, click Burn and insert your CD/DVD.

Do you have an external CD/DVD/BR connected to your Mac?
Is it recognized as CD/DVD/BR burner?
Are you trying to open the ISO? ← this won’t work from what I remember. You need to select the ISO and burn it directly to your external burner.

I haven’t used my CD/DVD/BR burner in years and I moved, so I don’t know where it is. If you still have problems over the weekend I will try to find it and test on my macbook.

That is the page.

Yes, I have (at home) an external burner.

It worked some times ago when I use it with Windows .iso (I needed to reinstall a Windows laptop).

It recognized a blank Verbatim DVD (it asked me what to do with it).

Of course, when I stopped doing something for sometimes, I forgot how to use it, but I searched…

And after a while hanger is coming and falling into non working instructions transform me as Dr. Jekyl and Mr Hide…

Sorry, I do not have my lunch, yet and my stomach is cryng out loud :smiley:


I do not know why or what’s happening, but I saw the “Burn Disk Image…” when back home, yesterday afternoon.

I was able to burn the Tumbleweed DVD, boot my MacBook Pro i5 on it. But I stopped when I was asked to format a disk with only text lines that told me values in MB… No volume selection, I stopped before doing something wrong. I will burn the other .iso and boot without any external hard disk connected to the laptop.

I was naive: this was not a LIVE disk. Maybe this does not exist anymore…

One nice thing was the monitors were in mirror mode (the MBP internal screen does not works)…