Bundle ID Change wouldn't stick in 2015R2

It’s been a while since I used Xojo and I decided to make a change to my app. One of the thing was a change in the Bundle ID.

Not sure if I am doing the right procedure but I went to Build Settings > OS X and under Build, change the Bundle Identifier to the new one. When I navigate away and back, it is reverted back to the original Bundle ID. Doesn’t matter if I saved the codes or not.

Is there something I am missing out or could this be a bug ? The generated info.plist reflects the old bundle ID. I know I could just swap the info.plist as a post build process but probably that’s not the right way to do it.

Make sure you hit Tab or press the return key to commit the change before you navigate away.

Should automatically committee the change when navigating away, I’d submit a bug report against it…

Thanks. The Tab did the trick.

It’s isn’t quite intuitive as the Bundle Identifier is the last item on the list.