built version can't find XojoGUIFramework64.dll

I finally built my app and immediately got the error that it can’t find XojoGUIFramework64.dll. When I looked for it wasn’t in this ReviewCards’s libs folder. However it was in my other folder (ReviewCards 19) which I keep for practice. In fact there were 4 files total missing.
How come?

When Xojo builds an app it puts everything the app needs in the correct place in relation to the executable, and you should not modify this. As an important note, 64 bit libs are not in the Libs folder but rather next to the .exe. Again, do not modify this.

My first guess would be that perhaps your installer script didn’t locate the file and pack it.

From your response, I probably should have included a screen shot.
Explanation. I goofed partly. The folder in the image on the left has not been built for 64-bit and I might have extra files, but the is definitely a XojoGUIFramework32.dll and I don’t have one the right side with 64.

Sorry but the dropbox link isn’t working

The XojoGUIFramework64.dll is not in Libs folder, it is in main folder next to .exe file (as Tim said).

You can’t compare the number of dll in Libs folder for windows 32 bit app vs 64 bit app.

You should not move the dll from main folder to Libs folder.

Aah. It’s not there either.
(Not being rude) I didn’t move anything.
It is in the XOJO app folder under Program Files though

Something is wrong with your machine/installation/antivirus, it should look like this (main app folder):

*screenshot from a Mac but win 64 build

Might be. The next time I built it, the dll got in there.
I like the anti-virus explanation.
And it works properly. Finally I have an app that can be installed
Actual Installer works

I think my anti-virus upgraded something. Grumble