Built-in XOJO reference unavailable

Ever since I got R17 1.1 my built-in xojo on my pc has been unavailable. It appears in the task bar, but nothing is there. Suggestions?

reinstall ?

Look at preferences and make sure it’s set to display the local reference.

Greg is right: the site is still down (from France)…

more like down again

more likely someone scraping the site … again

I have it set to “built-in” documentation. Do I need to re-install or something else?

If it’s still having trouble give it 30 seconds. It could be that we are referencing an image or something from the wiki and it’s blocking the load. It’ll probably load eventually. Meanwhile, we’re still working on getting the online docs back inline.

I thought “built-in” meant hard-coded to my computer?

Do not think like that.

The local LR is in the Xojo folder located in Xojo folder.

To access to the local LR, go to Preferences and set it to Local.

It is set to Local. As I wrote, All I get in the taskbar is an icon. If I click on it - NO WINDOW. It doesn’t change.

I did re-install and I still have no built-in LR

This happens to me with Windows now and then. The reference Window is there, just outside the viewing area. You have to click the Xojo icon in the task bar, and you should see two pop ups - one is Xojo, and the other looks blank. Right click in the blank one and choose Maximize. Now you should see the help window. If you drag this screen from the title bar, you will see that it comes into view from outside the screen. Now you can re-size it, etc. like normal.

Thank you. It appeared. I also clicked on the now “de-maximize” button and it disappeared". Interesting bug. I did get it to be maximized again.

This is a common problem in many apps if you have different display configurations. Such as sometimes having a secondary monitor, and sometimes not. If the window tries to reopen or restore to its last used size and position, that can end up being off screen and thus “invisible”. Doing a maximize forces it to the current display. In Windows, what I tended to do was:

  • Press Alt+Space to open the window’s control box (this will still be offscreen)
  • Type M, the accelerator key for Move
  • Use the cursor keys to move the window until it comes into view, or to place where I want
  • Press Enter to close the window control box
  • Use the mouse to drag the title bar where I want

In my Xojo apps, I tend to store both the last used size/position of each window, plus some info on the current display count and resolutions. If they differ when I open the app, I do not restore the last used window position so it opens in the default position.

IIRC, a second way this often happened with many Windows apps is if the window was minimized was you saved the size and position. Then when you “restored” the last size/position it was still not visible. So in my save routines for window size and placement, I avoid replacing my last saved position when the window is minimized.

When the reference window is maximized, if you left click on the title bar and move it towards the center of your screen, the window should shrink in size and move to where you want it. Now it will act normal when you minimize, restore, shrink, expand, etc.