Built Console App Runs Terminal

Hi folks
I am working on a console app, seems to be going well but in looking through the forums here I see that there have been posts about the app running in terminal only when run from the IDE.

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When I build my app and run it by double clicking the app in the finder, I get a terminal window. When it runs under a launchd call, there is no terminal window. I’m just wonder what the difference is. I get same result when run on a machine with no IDE installed.


I’m not sure what your question is.

Console apps run in the terminal from the IDE because the IDE starts the app that way.

If you double-click your console app in Finder, then Finder start terminal and runs your app. Or you can start Terminal yourself and launch your app from there.

If you use launchd, then launchd runs your app and Terminal is not involved.

So it’s the finder that runs the terminal.


If it didn’t, there’d be no way for you to interact with your app. Or see the output.