Building your own Linux Server for Deploying a Xojo Web 2 App

The below tutorial is for those who need a helping hand to deploy your Xojo Web App 2 on an own server.

This free tutorial will work for any Ubuntu 20.04 LTS release ( or others). However, I’m showing the process for a server with for those readers who need a step-by-step guide. For that audience, it is likely the easiest to use as well.

For users without any experience with Linux or who want an easy out-of-the-box solution, you have 2 options:

  1. Support Tim Parnell’s Lifeboat (
  2. Use Xojo Cloud (

The same recommendation applies to those thinking I can help any other distro, or on Apache2 versus Nginx, etc. I probably could, but I won’t - promised! :slight_smile: .

For those users who need a maximum of security, I recommend using Xojo Cloud. Security is a vast topic, and you really have to know what you are doing. Xojo Cloud is doing this for you. I’ll only touch on security in my article, and there are many more options. But the most important part of any security concept is not talking about the details.

Have fun deploying your first Xojo Web App!




Don’t forget that you can also deploy as a standalone app on any Linux system. I have Web 1.0 apps running on almost every Linux variant from CentOS 6 to the latest from the RHEL team, Fedora, SuSE, Mint, Ubuntu, Arch, Stock Debian, Oracle, Qubes, and a few more.

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True, albeit Xojo recommends to use a web server in front of their app, in case your app is connected to the internet. But the goal of this set of articles is only to fill the gap in Xojo’s documentation:

Xojo does not provide support for configuring your web server for use with Xojo web apps. If you require easy, one-click deployment of your Xojo web apps consider using Xojo Cloud.

Source: Deployment details — Xojo documentation

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Great documents Jeannot. Appreciate your efforts.


Thank you Jeannot! This is the one and only comprehensive guide to setting up a Linux server for Xojo web apps. The followup articles on your blog are also fantastic. The amount of time and effort you spent this should get you a prime spot in Xojo’s “Hall of Fame”, or on their list of featured developers.

One for the road - pun intended.

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