Building for Ad-Hoc Distribution

I want to build an ad-hoc app - I have one provisioning profile only on my account and it’s set for ad-hoc distribution. The profile works fine - I can create ad-hoc apps through X-Code that install on user’s devices without a problem. Building on Xojo works fine, creates an ipa just fine, but I set up a download and it won’t install on the user’s devices. I get the dreaded “integrity could not be verified” error. Am I missing a step somewhere to create an ad-hoc app?

You’ll have to add the device ids for each user to your provisioning profile or go through all of the steps to get your app to TestFlight.

As I said, I have an XCode app with all my devices added that works just fine for ad-hoc running. I’m using the same provisioning profile with Xojo and the Xojo app installs but won’t run because of security issues. The only thing I can think is that it’s building the app but not including the profile or something. I am building for the App Store and still no luck. I love using Xojo for app development but I need to install ad-hoc and it’s just not working.

I think you don’t want to check build for App Store if you only want to load the app ad-hoc

Not checking “Build for App Store” doesn’t give you an .ipa file, which is the one you want for ad-hoc distribution. I can create the .ipa file, it just doesn’t work. Strangely I tried and when I upload the .ipa it gives the error “Please select a valid IPA file”.

Just out of curiosity, what version of Xojo and Xcode are you using?

2020 R2.1 for Xojo and 12.4 (12D4e) for Xcode

There isn’t any way to build an archive that goes in Organizer, is there?