Building a new Ios app

Building a new Ios app
I’ve been trying to build a new Ios app for a few days now, but without success. Error message distribution profile not found even though everything seems to be ok in xcode. xojo 2024R1.1 Xcode 15.3 . Can someone please help me? Thanks

Dont use * wildcard provisions.
Create a specific one on the Apple developer site.

Check out Greg O’Lones Apple Profile Triage app for more help


Hi, I don’t use wildcards and I read a lot of articles on the forum. But it still doesn’t work for me. I have created a specific profile. Where can I find the example you mention among the xojo examples?

It’s not an example app, it’s a tool for working with your development profiles from a trusted member of the community.

Website Link, under apps is “Profile Triage”

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hello, thanks to the application, I downloaded it, installed it, I have the output as shown in the picture. I think the problem is that the certificates are not in xcode, what do you think?

You have a distribution profile for workpromobile, but not a Dev profile.
Its probably trying to fall back on the * identifier (which you do have…)

Check your developer account/profiles - heres some of mine

I don’t see a difference there

You’re correct. I didn’t see the row further up.

I probably found the problem App ios name was different than what was entered in the Bundle identifier
Obrázek 24.05.2024 v 16.23

App ios name was different

and so falling back on the * profile?

the named profile is for workpromobile, which doesnt match either of the workpro text fields

And workpromobile is mentioned in the error message at the first post.
have you changed the app name since the error message?

yes i changed the app name . I deleted all the profiles that had different names and everything has been working since then

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