Build script: set different output folders?

I had a build script which generated an app in 3 versions, into 3 different output folders. Now I am using Xojo 2018r4 and i find that the build folder is cleared after each build. How do I have to modify my script to keep my folders (and apps inside)?


[code]DoCommand “BuildSettings”
BuildLinux = True
BuildWebProtocol = 1

// Port 8100
BuildWebPort = 8100
PropertyValue(“App.Application Identifier”)=“com.osswald.saferpay.seminar8100”
DoCommand “BuildApp”

// Port 8200
BuildWebPort = 8200
PropertyValue(“App.Application Identifier”)=“com.osswald.saferpay.seminar8200”
DoCommand “BuildApp”

// Port 8300
BuildWebPort = 8300
PropertyValue(“App.Application Identifier”)=“com.osswald.saferpay.seminar8300”
DoCommand “BuildApp”

After each call to BUILDAPP add a command to move or rename the build directory. FWIW - that a build did not remove the contents was a bug that has been fixed.