Build folder?

I had my project building and placing the builds in a folder I specified…
Now I can’t find how I set the build folder location…
My builds are now going to my documents folder for some reason. That’s not where I want them.

I figured out the problem.
A while ago my xojo crashed. When I reopened the project I got an dialog box asking if I wanted to load the unsaved changes and I believe I said yes. I looked at the code and it appeared to be the correct version. Then when I saved the file a dialog box asked if I wanted to overwrite it… I again believe I said yes.

Subsequent builds went into my documents folder not my build folder… Which led to some fun debugging because no matter what I did when I installed my software from the builds folder, I was getting the same version of the software. Ran great in the debugger but the build didn’t get actually tested. Which lead to a grreeeeaaat demo.

So I came here to find out how to change the build folder.

I looked under Xojo Prefrences Build tab and found Build unsaved apps in: (Documents)

I decided to move on an continue my next version of the project so I saved the current project as 2.1 and noticed that the current folder was the documents folder not the builds folder where I thought the project file came from.

So wasn’t there a setting somewhere in the build settings the project pain?