Build dialog problems

The new build dialog is an improvement, but also a regression.


  • one dialog for whole build process
  • it is visible (not in background behind project window)


  • doesn’t show progress on plugin pre-compilation

So when you do a full pre-compile, we look for 10 minutes on the dialog like this:

I made a new feedback case about a change there:

Not sure if just counting up the plugins is better or use file sizes of them, so the bigger plugin files take up a bigger chunk.


Today I saw another version of the dialog:

Could it be that there are several code paths?

The first one is probably when you hit Run and the second when you build.

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Can still be in the background sometimes.

I see the second one all the time when building helper apps and web apps. I thought it was related to Desktop vs. Console. I haven’t done a lot of digging because I knew you were interested in this bug, Christian.

If I notice any other patterns I’ll let you know.