Build CopyFiles not working in Debugger

I need to get some dylib files loaded into my application when debugging with Xojo 2019r1.1. I added a Build Automation step, set it to “Applies to Both” (i.e. Debug and Release), added the dylib files, then every time I try to Run the program in the debugger I get the error:

“The script ‘CopyFiles1’ can’t copy files to the destination in a pre build step. The destination does not exist yet. This step will not be executed.”

So why is there even a Debug option in the “Applies to” setting if it does not work?

Without these dylibs loaded, my application crashes with a “function could not be found” error.

In the past the debugger would look into the folder /user/local/lib for dylibs, but it does not seem to do so now.

How can I get my dylibs loaded when debugging?

Move the copyfile AFTER (below) the build (the gear icon) in macOS.

By the way, next time you ask a question for Mac, post it in the macOS channel, in Targets.

Thank you Mr. Bujardet. That fixed the Run step but I still cannot get any functions from one of the dylibs to load.

I will post my new problem in MacOS.