Build automation question

I know about Xojo script to automate steps within the IDE.
But I am looking for a way to open and build 4 Xojo projects and create some install-setups in one user-interaction. The tool I use for creating installers has enough commandline options but Xojo IDE seems not have commandline driven build options… Or … ?

You need IDE Communicator. Works wonderfully. I have a special version at with line numbers if the script gets large.

With IDE Communicator you can open projects:

openfile(basePath + "code\ current/max\ scheduler.xojo_xml_project")

Build them:

if BuildApp(16) = "" then

And close the project:


Looks great Beatrix. This is what I need.
But I am missing 9 out of 14 images and since I am on Windows could you please be so kind to zip me a Windows build of the project.
Is it obligated to have the xojo projects saved as Xml ?

I’ll have a look at the missing pictures. The IDE Communicator should work with any time of project file.

Thank you. Much appreciated.

I’ve uploaded a version with the missing pictures to .

Thanks a lot Beatrix for sharing your project.
You gave me the clue how to do it, so I can implemented in my own automation-system which does backups, cleaning ups etc., and shortly also the building process.