Build Automation Copy Folder

Hi All, I’m trying to copy a folder using Build Automation using a Copy Files. The Xojo Documentation says I can do this:
“The Copy Files step allows you to copy a file, files or a folder to a specified location during the build process.”
But when I select the folder in the IDE, it just opens up the folder to show the contents, still expecting me to select files.

A related question, is there a way to use wildcards in the Copy Files Step? What is behind this, is I want to copy a bunch of documentation files to the App Resources folder. There are a lot of files, so if I make a change to the documentation which adds, removes or changes the name of a file, the static list of files in the Copy Files step does not pick it up. Is there a way to do this in one step that I don’t have to monitor?

You can drag a folder from Finder into the file list on the copy files step. This will copy the whole folder.

I wouldn’t use this for a lot of files because CopyFiles is very brittle. No error messages when a file isn’t found. When the file is back it’s not reattached. A script is annoying to build but so much more reliable. For instance:

[code] 'copy the scheduler to app/library/loginitems

dim appPath as string = currentBuildLocation + “/” + shellEncode(currentBuildAppName)
if right(AppPath, 4) <> “.app” then appPath = appPath + “.app”

'do directory for loginitems
dim cmd as String = "/bin/mkdir -p " + appPath + “/Contents/Library/LoginItems”
dim theOutput as string = doShellCommand(cmd)
if theOutput <> “” then print theOutput

'get path to scheduler
dim CountSlashes as integer = CountFields(ProjectShellPath, “/”)
dim ProjectName as string = NthField(ProjectShellPath, “/”, CountSlashes)
dim ProjectPath as String = Left(ProjectShellPath, Len(ProjectShellPath) - Len(ProjectName))
dim PathToScheduler as String = ProjectPath + shellEncode(“Builds - max scheduler.rbp/Mac OS X (Cocoa Intel)”)
'print pathtoscheduler

'copy scheduler to app
cmd = "usr/bin/ditto " + PathToScheduler + " " + appPath + “/Contents/Library/LoginItems”
theOutput = doShellCommand(cmd)
if theOutput <> “” then print theOutput

// Helper functions for this script
Function shellEncode(inValue as string) as string
Dim rvalue as string = replaceAll(inValue, " ", "\ ")
rvalue = replaceAll(rvalue, “&”, “\&”)
rvalue = replaceAll(rvalue, “-”, “\-”)
rvalue = replaceAll(rvalue, “(”, “\(”)
rvalue = replaceAll(rvalue, “)”, “\)”)
return rvalue
End Function[/code]

Thanks Tim and Beatrix, that is what I was after. For this case a simple a copy of the folder will do as it is updated outside of Xojo as needed. But I will hang onto the Shell code for future reference, I may need for something else.