Build Automation Copy Files issue

My post-build Copy Files script copies a framework that contains an internal alias (which points to the actual code in Versions/A/). Copy Files unfortunately resolves the alias and copies the actual code file, so it appears twice in the framework. That doesn’t interfere with the app’s function, but the resulting build can’t be code signed. If I manually move the original framework into the app’s Framework folder I can now code sign it.

I’d like to avoid the last manual step. Is there a way to do that with Copy Files? Or should I avoid that and write a separate script to copy the framework in its original form?

Do you use a “Copy Files” script or a self written script that uses the shell with ditto to copy your files?

It’s the build-in Copy Files with destination set to Frameworks.

Have you tried with ditto?

No, but I’ll probably do that if there’s no simpler workaround. I’ve also filed a Feedback case, and if this is indeed how it’s intended to work a request that aliases not be resolved when copied.