Build as standalone app


can someone please explain, what a standalone webapp is in comparison to an webapp deployed on a webserver?


A Xojo Web standalone app is a Web Server. When you run the executable you’re starting up a basic web server. You can deploy this directly to the web, but Xojo engineers recommend running software like nginx on top of the Xojo app to provide additional security and features.

It used to be that with Xojo Web 1.0 you could create a special build that ran in a similar method using a CGI script instead, but this build feature is no longer available.

Hi Tim, thanks for the claryfication.

So when i build for windows, i get a standalone WebApp which bundles my App with a webserver, correct? Or is there some “standalone” setting i have to enable?

When i build for windows, i get a myapp.exe. When i run this file i get a black window saying “Application is ready”. When i start a browser on the same machine and try to access localhost:8080 i get an error “connection refused”.

How can i access my standanlone WebApp on the localhost (where the app is running)?

I tried this with newest MS Edge Chromium an Firefox.


It works now. I had to set the port in the shared build settings. Now i can access my WebApp from localhost:8080. I thought the build version uses the same port than the debug version. But you have to set this separat for the build version.


You are correct. With Web 2.0 there is no need to select a standalone build setting.

I’m glad you discovered the solution. Additionally, you can override the build setting port by passing a port parameter when you launch the executable --port=1234 which can be useful for configuring multiple web apps on one server.

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