Build a web application to run locally

How to build a web application to run locally?

jus run it?
Or build it as standalone and launch it.

I thought that a web application can be copied to a computer, smartphone, ipad, tablet… with an intent browser (IE, safari, chrome…) and be run of-line as an ejectable software. It is what I mean as “run locally”. Is it possible?

Only for X86 system… Forget ARM devices like Android and Apple’s IOS.

You can build as standalone but then you always need to have Terminal running on MacOS. There is an application called Platypus ( that is supposed to create apps from scripts. But it doesn’t work for web apps - I think because of the dylibs.

So, by now, is it impossible to write an app to be run locally (off-line) in IOS or Android?

Yes, there is no offline option for mobile devices. Only for desktop/servers with an x86 compatible processor.