Build a Framework with Xojo

For an upcoming project, we want to utilize “App Extensions” so that the functionality of our app is available system wide as well as an independent application.

According to Apple’s docs on App Extensions, any shared code should be in a framework (as the extension cannot communicate with the container application). Therefore if I can build a framework in Xojo, it would mean that I can use Xojo for the containing application and the framework and only have to use Objective-C for the extension (if it can’t be built in Xojo), otherwise I’m going to have to write the whole project in Objective-C.

Also, App Extensions must be 64-Bit, but I know that’s coming with Xojo and currently I’m more than happy to wait.

You can’t.

Thanks for the quick reply… Off to cry now, would rather use Xojo than Obj-C/Xcode…

I guess at least I can use a Obj-C created framework within Xojo, so at least the containing application can be written in Xojo rather than Obj-C.

you can write framework in Xcode and use it with declares from Xojo.

That seems to be the way to do it, oh well…
Basically I’ll port the core of my application from Xojo to Objective-C, create a framework. Then I call that framework from the Objective-C application and the Xojo application…