Bug with constants in Windows builds?


I have a constant kName = “MyAppName” in the app object.

In the IDE I set the application name to #App.kName

Works fine for Mac and Linux but not Windows

Makes no difference if the constant is dynamic or not.

Tried it on both REALstudio 2012 R2.1 and Xojo 2015 R2.3

example project: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/992591/Xojo/Forum/Bug%20AppName.xojo_binary_project.zip

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

If you put simply #App.kName in the Windows App Name as you have done for Mac and Linux instead of “#App.kName.exe” everything is fine.

You cannot mix a reference to a constant and a string.


Thanks Michel.

Also, Constants can be non-constant: it can be set to have a different value for each platform, so it can be “MyApp.app” on Mac, “MyApp.exe” on windows, etc.

Its still constant it allows you to use a different value for each platform
Very handy

Its not a localizable string like a dynamic constant