Bug on 2014.R2 - SetupJavascriptFramework executed twice

Hi, can someone else to confirm the following bug before to create an issue ?

When you assign a WebContainer control ( on Webpage with EmbedWithin command) which it includes a WebSDK control, the SetupJavascriptFramework event of WebSDK runs twice !!!.
I am running Xojo 2014/R2 under windows 8.1 64Bit.


File a bug report right away. If it’s a regression, I may be able to get it fixed for 2.1.

Ok Greg, I will create a bug issue. On previous version (2014/R1.1) it works correct.

Make sure you include a sample project so I can reproduce it quickly.

Greg, for some unknown reason, the Case/Create new Case option from Feedback App is not enabled.

Do a search first

Thanks… BuG #34466

This has already been reverted to the 2014r1 behavior in what will be the 2014r2.1 release. For now, move your code to the Shown event.

Thanks Greg …

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