[BUG] Introduction to Programming with Xojo

Introduction to Programming with Xojo:
the new version (current, downloaded as PDF only, minutes ago).

A click in one of the links from these pages goes to the front cover page; surprising :frowning:

What link?

Do you mean that clicking the section tiles from the Chapter 2 page 23 takes you to the cover? I am not seeing this when I click, but just want to make sure I understand.

I do not really know; I cliked one one on that page and one on the previous Chapter’s page.

Then I wrote this entry, read my mails, watch TV,…

All links from the Introduction page, the Hello, World page…

It will be faster to check the document with Pages to verify the links.

@Dana: your description is correct.

Note that I downloaded the PDF alone (just in case it matters), not the full archive with examples.

OK, I am not seeing this behavior myself, but if you encounter the issue again let us know the details so we can fix it.

Do not use Acrobat Reader but Preview as I do.

It seems to work with Acrobat Reader.

Even there; try Chapter 3 toc page links…