Bug "Inspector odd behaviour" is back

Has anyone else seen this lovely bug

[quote]When clicking on any control and changing something in the inspector, the view jumps erratically. Sometimes up to 10 view jumps.
I made a small screencast showing the issue. In this case it ‘only’ jumps 2 views.[/quote]

again? I have been working with almost every beta and today I got the bug when editing a small helper window. Can’t reproduce with the window alone. Still drives me nuts.

High Sierra with 2019r2.

I have seen (on too many occasions) where I will be editing something at say line 500, then scroll up a few hundred lines, click the text to insert the cursor, and the entire area I just scrolled is selected, and the cursor jumps back to where I started

I was finally able to reproduce this about two weeks ago, managed to get a video and reproducible steps. No need to report it again.

@Dave S : Yep, I have seen that, too. The above bug is with the inspector, though. Have a look at the video from feedback://showreport?report_id=57894
@Greg O’Lone : that is good news.

Hooray! I’ve had Dave’s jump problem for years when editing code (not in in the inspector), but never could puzzle it out how to reproduce it for a bug report.

Congratulations! I look forward to the fix in 2019R3 ASAP…:slight_smile: