Bug in MacOS Xojo 2018 R3

I’m using 2018 Release 3 and found some “bugs”. I have a WebContainer with a couple of Webbuttons embedded in other WebContainer in the main WebPage.
The WebButtons didn’t receive any event. No actions, no MouseDown, not MouseUp.
Also the containers doesn’t resize.


You may want to edit the subject line to say 2018 instead of 2008. You may get more views…

I did the Webbuttons embedded in WebContainer embedded in other WebContainer and I was able to click on one and the action event fired without issues.

I can’t resize the WebContainer within another WebContainer, but the single WebContainer with the embedded buttons work as expected when I resize. Don’t know if it is a bug or is not valid to put a WebContainer inside another WebContainer.

If you have a sample of your code to show the WebButtons not receiving the events, please share it so others can take a look.

Edit: You can move the topic to Targets - Web too