Bug in Feedback Release Notes

Hi all,

I downloaded all provided by Feedback Release Notes, then I placed them into a home made application and saw that 2008r1 is 1 line long (one entry). This can’t be so, so I checked on my Xojo, Real Studio, REALbasic archives and get the original 2008r1 Release Notes and they have far more entries.

As stupid as I am, I wrote a simple bug report trying to tell just that and get a strange answer: “we will not remove a bug on a so older release" (something like that).

“Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum”. I forgot that and I “perseverare’. I issued another bug report and I get another strange answer: “with current Xojo Feedback application, only 2009r1 and earlier Release Note should be displayed” (something like that).

So, using Feedback 2014r1 (Cocoa), I can see:

Now, we all can see the limits of Feedback and good will (sometimes).

This is one of the reasons I am a bit reductant to send bug reports.
Other reasons are in these answers (uncomplete list): “Closed (By Design)” and “Not a bug”.

There are release notes in the system that should have been private which were not until now, so that could account for some of the missing notes, but I also find it hard to believe that there’s only one for 2008r1. I’ll take some time to look at that. To be fair, it’d be nice if you’d file a feedback report to help us remember to get this fixed.

As for the statuses:

Closed By Design and Not a Bug mean that the thing you reported is not a bug, but that the feature was either designed by us to behave that way or that the behavior is out of our control (as in the case of a 3rd party library or a browser’s behavior).

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