Bug drawing text (on Windows)

Feedback Case Number: <https://xojo.com/issue/65492>

Can someone test this on Linux and iOS?

Many times people post just a feedback link in the forum.
Feedback only works for people with a current licence.
And many of us (me included) cannot get feedback to work even when we do have a current licence.

So all this post says to us is ’ I have a problem’
You’ll probably get more responses if you say what the bug is here , as well as in feedback.

OS: OS X 11.4

Xojo: Xojo 2021r2

Steps: Please see the attached screenshots and sample project.

Using Graphics.ClipToPath does not draw text on Windows (the first line in the yellow box is empty). ClipToRectangle works as expected.

The second issue is when scaling the graphics output via the Graphics.Scale function, the text on Windows looks different (and ugly) compared to using ScaleX/ScaleY. You can test this toggling the checkbox in the upper right. On macOS there’s no difference.

Expected Result:
Text is drawn on Windows when using ClipToPath. Text should look the same on Windows, no matter if using the Scale function or setting ScaleX/ScaleY.

This is really weird. Taking the code from you test app and changing the colors of the text and the background as

g.DrawingColor = Color.LightGray '&cffffb0
g.DrawingColor = &c10100
g.DrawText (CurrentMethodName, 20.0, 25.0)  // This does not draw on Windows! It's OK on macOS.

shows that the text really is getting printed but the selection of color for the background and the text itself are somehow interacting and making the text “invisible”. Black text doesn’t display; white does. Other colors seem to be mostly okay.

Definitely something weird going on.

Is this true?

NO, anyone can use it with a xojo account, without a license, the only limitation is that you dont have points to “vote” for your favorite thing to be fixed/implemented first.

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