BUG: Compiler wrongly report calling Canvas.Graphics as deprecated

Calling Graphics.HandleTypeCGContextRef, the compiler thinks I’m calling Canvas.Graphics instead of the Graphics class definition.

Xojo should not report this is deprecated.

Feedback: <https://xojo.com/issue/29513>

How & where are you accessing Graphics.HandleTypeCGContextRef ?
A snippet would help

See feedback case.

I dont get a warning using Thoms Zirconkit

How freaking bizarre, it doesn’t show up anymore. When using analyze, under ZirconKit.ZirconControl.BeginFocusRing, line 7, the compiler complained about Graphics.HandleTypeCGContextRef because Graphics was deprecated, use Paint instead. Christoph reported it to me directly thinking it was a problem with my code. Upon looking into it, that’s the error I saw, so I told him it was a Xojo bug.

Here’s a screenshot:

Here’s how you can reproduce. Start with a “clean” IDE. Relaunch if necessary. Open the ZirconSwitch demo. Select ZirconSwitch and choose Analyze “ZirconSwitch” - which should do nothing as the class is encrypted. Then choose Analyze Project. You should see the error.

In this case is “graphics” the name of the class, the method, or the property on a control ?
Name resolution seems to not be resolving it correctly.

You can avoid that warning by changing it to using the parameter to the method

Dim Context as integer = g.handle(g.HandleTypeCGContextRef)

since the instance will also inherit a means of referring to the class constants