Bug 29484: Control.Page returning Nil

In a toolbar I got a container with a webpopupmenu. In its SelectionChanged event I put the following code

dim p as myWebPage = myWebPage(me.Page)

However, p ends up Nil. Is this a bug as the webpopupmenu is placed in a container control on top of the toolbar?

<https://xojo.com/issue/29484>: Page Propterty Of Control On WebToolbarContainer Returns Nil

Any hints and workarounds very welcome…

Some issue for all container controls which embedded another web control. For example, on web container control, to embed another web container control. The second web container will return null on page property.

Antonis - is there a feedback with a test project for the issue you’ve described?

Alex - I have a work around that works for control events other then Open and Shown. Shown doesn’t seem to fire for controls on a WebToolbarContainer (another bug?). As for Open, that’s typical because the world just isn’t setup yet in Open. (Open doesn’t seem to be very reliable or useful in web apps.)

But it’s working in your feedback project for MouseUp.

I’m adding some notes to the module and then I’ll write a blog post and add the project to the feedback report.

I didn’t realize Alex started this thread back in September! Oh well…here’s a work around.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try.

Shown event not firing is another bug I already reported :slight_smile:

Session.CurrentPage is pretty useful too when you run into issues with containers preventing you from easily accessing the WebPage object.