BS PrinterSetup exception

We are having an issue on BS which causes an NSInternalInconsistencyException:

Our code works on Catalina and has word on versions before this. What we have tried:

  • Change the code to API 2.0 code that Xojo has provided.
  • Changed the parameter from a Window to Nil (as it’s optional)
  • Change the parameters to another (non dialog) window

We are using both:

  • PrinterSetup.ShowPageSetupDialog (Optional window as Window) As Boolean
  • ShowPrinterDialog (window as Window) As Graphics

None of the above tests changed the behavior. It seems there is something internally wrong that causes a dealloc while the super view is still active ?

Can anyone verify having the same issue? Or are we doing something terribly wrong here? It could be that Apple changed the API’s again ?

Are you using any plugins or declares to edit printing?

You should report this to Xojo along with the fill exception report. If you need help to dig out the full exception report, use to get at the logs, which will contain the full exception.

No declares and no plugins used for printing.
If anyone has BS could you please verify the existence of this problem ? Use the Xojo printing examples and see if this happens on your machine too.

Could it be related to <>?
User mentions that Big Sur Beta 9 has fixed his particular printing issue, what beta version of Big Sur are you running?

The latest BS public beta (#9) is being run. It still causes this crash.

We’ll put a screenshot of the version in the feedback case.