Browser resize on phone

I have a Xojo web app that has a wide page. When I look at it on a phone, I cannot scroll to get the content that doesn’t fit, and I cannot pinch to resize either.
I’ve had it all fit before - this is new.
Is there a setting that I may have put in that is causing this?

Thanks in advance.

If the width of the page is greater than what gets shown you should be able to horizontal scroll it unless you’ve overridden default behavior in Session.PrepareSession with a custom viewport setting for iOS.

Paul, that’s what was happening before. It’s not now. A client informed me and now I’m seeing it too.
I’ve tried cussing at it, and that didn’t solve it at all.
Any other thoughts?

The behavior you’re seeing relates to what Paul said with “custom viewport setting for iOS.”

I’m not sure how that’s handled or set up in Xojo Web, but developers can tell mobile browsers they’re not allowed to pinch/resize and scroll outside a defined viewport.

Have you added any custom controls or headers recently?
Edit: Can you narrow down the change in behavior to a specific Xojo version?

Not offhand. The page widths and the viewport are the only two things I know of that control this. Maybe you can try a new, simple project to verify you can get the horizontal scrolling to work and then try to isolate what has changed in your project?

@Tim Parnell, I have some widgets that I built using container controls.
@Paul Lefebvre, I will try that. It’s odd.

Solution found. Apparently if you make the min height and width smaller than the WebPage, the browser will cut it off rather than showing a scroll bar.
Not ideal, and not how I expected that to work.