Browser disconnect when other user (session) connects - why?

This happens with and my web app with xojo 2016r4.1. This does NOT happen with one of my other apps - same conditions. What would cause one app session to be forced to disconnect when another session of the same app is opened?

I meant to say xojo 2015r4.1.

More info: I commented out the HandleURL event, and the problem still shows. So may not be related to anything in the HandleURL routine.

I solved this problem a couple weeks ago - but just getting the time to see if someone can explain the solution.
The problem was caused by me accessing the SpecialFolder.Resources location. Without any better insights, I figured I could use that location to store a timezone database I use, and every time a new session for my app was started a file in this location was read to get the timezone database info.

For whatever reason - accessing that file killed the other session that was active.

Can someone explain that? Is there something special about the Resources folder?

The Resources folder of an app is generally read-only. Are you trying to write to it? It sounds to me like the first Session/thread is able to open it, but the second one opens it and this somehow causes the first one to crash. Check Console.log an see if there are any error messages. Is this on OS X?

Xojo Cloud is using cgi under Linux. He can write to resources if the permissions are set right.

I would rather suspect an access conflict.