Browse emulator data

Xojo cannot currently run an Android project while Android Studio is running. However, I want Android Studio open so that I can browse data on the virtual device using Android Studio’s Device Manager. For example, I might want to check the contents of a database that my Xojo app has created.

Without repeatedly closing Android Studio before each Xojo build, and reopening it afterwards, and then navigating through the filesystem in Device Manager all over again to find my files, does anyone know if there is any other way to browse and access the data in the filesystem of each emulator instance?

You can keep Android Studio open by changing one of its preferences:

Setting it to “Use existing manually managed server” does allow Xojo to run Android apps with Android Studio open.

However, with that setting Android Studio will not be able to see any devices, so you’ll have to flip it back and forth as needed.

Another option is to leave that setting at “Automatically start and manage server”, but in Xojo enable Project->Breakpoint->Ignore All. That tells Xojo to not use the debugger, which avoids the adb conflict. You’ll be able to run projects from Xojo (without the debugger) while still using the Device Explorer (for example) in Android Studio to see the files on the device.

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Thanks for the info, Paul.

Unfortunately, changing it back to the automatic setting, kills the debug run, and loses the navigation in the filesystem, so this doesn’t really sort it.

This is much more useful for the purposes of navigating the AVD filesystem and checking stored data. And I see that the debugger bridge notes that debugging is switched off as a reminder. That’ll do fine as a workaround, thanks.