Browse Client File System for webfile save location

We can get a file downloaded to the user but I need the user to be able to indicate where to save it. The browser automatically downloads to “Downloads” and my files need to go on their own folder.

I can’t find a way to browse the local file system for a path.

And, even If i want to hardcode a different path, how do I tell a webfile to download to a specific location instead of downloads or to for it to prompt the user where to save it?

A web application most certainly should not have arbitrary access to the local file system. The spyware would just write itself. So the best you can hope for here without a browser plugin helping you on the client side is to let the user choose where to save a file. Here’s a link that discusses how this can be made to work for most modern browsers, with a special workaround for IE10:

Translating that into “working with WebFile in Xojo” might be a bit of thought and work.

Brad, thanks! seems that you always come to our rescue.

I’ll give it a try. Thanks