Breakpoints not working 2018R4 Mac

I am using 2018 R4 in OS X 10.11.6 (yes, I know, that is another conversation). I have been using this release for the past few weeks and breakpoints were working fine until yesterday. I have restarted both Xojo and my computer and neither step solved the problem. The break command does work. I searched and saw this was a bug in 2018 R1 but saw no posts about breakpoints being broken since then. I will be switching from this old Mac to a Windows/Linux system soon, and can use the break command, so I am just posting this here in case anyone else finds it useful or has anything to say about it. I will report this via Feedback as well.

I have not experimented to find out if all breakpoints are not working or just certain cases.

If they were working and now they don’t work, maybe something got corrupted on your project pointing to the break points. You can test on a new project or open an example and put some break points to see if they work at all. I think this will be hard to track and because there is already 2019r1.1, it will be helpful if you can test that.