Breakpoints inside threads don't work

I’m using 2021 2.1 on Mac Monterey and I can’t seem to interrupt the app with a breakpoint in the middle of a thread function.
I can stop it at the beginning of the function or from the code that calls the function and after that it will stop at breakpoints within any module.
Sometimes I have to stop it with a message box and then it will stop at later breakpoints.
Could the thread be executing so fast it closes before the IDE can react? Seems that way.

You can send a message to the UI from a thread, but it should not stop it (break)

The way to stop it for debugging inspection is having a break statement at such point.

There seems to be some issues with breakpoints, there’s a number of feedback tickets in about it including one the other day from Geoff.


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I do remember those from… almost 2 years ago? I was hopping they were fixed by now. I think they were introduced by the Xojo 64 bit debugger + 64 bit framework that in 2019 was in their early days.