Break points ignored

Working on an iOS project in R2, Mojave 10.14.6, Xcode 11 and it doesn’t seem to matter if I insert ‘break’ or tag it on the left but the project won’t break out. If I choose show all break points from the menu it finds 0. Anyone else see this behaviour? I’ll report back if it persists after restarting.

I’m not seeing that Martin but I am running Catalina, though I don’t think that could make a difference. The fact that the IDE reports no break points is probably a pointer to the issue?

If your using 2019 r2 make sure you didn’t accidentally turn on the new option to ignore all break points.

Seemed to disappear after a restart.

I found I had accidentally turned on Project->Breakpoint->ignoreALL.
Took me a goof five minutes to realties why my breakpoints weren’t working.

Should be great to have a visual cue that such state is active.