Bounty - OpenSource MQTT Library tweak 100$

Fork this repo which can be api2 and 64 bit quite simply thanks to @Wayne_Golding “In the method definition for HandleTCPSocketError add the parameter err As RuntimeException. The definition should read “HandleTCPSocketError(inTCPSocket As TCPSocket, err As RuntimeException)”. This makes the Event Definition API 2.0 compatible, but the code can remain API 1.0.”

I’m offering this bounty to anyone who will make this work in 2022r4.1, api2, 64 bit and add the SSL - I was able to get it running and 64 bit in a few minutes but I need the SSL setup and a dialog to enter server & creds etc to make a good, working, up to date repo. The result will remain open source and on github.

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