Bottom bar in the IDE

I’d like to have a bottom bar in the main window of my app, not unlike the one in the Xojo IDE:

I wonder how our friends from Xojo did that, as I can’t seem to easily spot a control that looks like that. I already tried my luck with UnifiedTopAndBottomBars with little success. Any pointers?

I’m using GraffitiSuite status bar. Perhaps you can find a screenshot at the website ( But at first glance I can’t see any.

Theyre images on a canvas and the state is managed manually.

Shouldn’t be too hard to replicate with your own canvas control.

Ah, figured as much. Will grab a copy of the graffiti suite-demo. Thanks everybody!

If you like to know more about using the canvas you can buy this book. It was announced yesterday and has a chapter (chapter 10) of creating own controls with the canvas.