Border WebHTMLViewer

Does anyone have an idea how to get rid of this “3D” border in a WebHTMLViewer in Web 2.0 App? I’m running out of ideas. Even if I change the border thickness to 2 px and put the color on white (on a white background), the “3D frame still shows up” … and is ugly like hell (quote from my customer).

The thin inner border comes from my HTML/CSS, the outer border from Xojo and the WebHTMLViewer.

iframe {
  border: 0;

Thank you Tim! Live can be so simple, once you are seeing the solution :slight_smile: .

Working for all HTML Viewers, but that’s exactly what I’m looking for now in this particular project. If I want a border, I can still draw one in my HTML ;-).

Still puzzled hat the built-in

style.borderthickness= 0

doesn’t help at all. Having this style seems that someone had something in mind, but I don’t know what :slight_smile: