Bootswatch instead of STYLES?


I just decide to move up from my trusty 2016r3 version to the updated pro version, to find the STYLES are gone. (I don´t what to go further into more gone items).

Went to to find the the simple “download, and drop it into the project” happens not to work in that no download was found. No registration area

Can anyone help in other than the almost only mention of the change in this youtube video

I am supossing that i will be able to use the bootstrap technology, but in another question, how do the user chooses alternative themes like dark or lite?


Go to and scroll down to see themes.

thanks, the dowmload command was in the image… thanks
all the files i download are named the same?

Xojo default theme support both. Just go to Build Settings - Shared - Supports Dark Mode and your project can change from light to dark depending on the user configuration.

You need Bootstrap 5.x theme (the main Bootswatch option).

Yes, you need the bootstrap.min.css to be recognized by Xojo and be used in your web app.

I had that feeling too… “What happened to styles??”

My 2 cents… I found it easier to accept the new paradigm for Web 2 themes rather than try to make my web apps look like they did in Web 1. Maybe start a new web app in Xojo and try to recreate one of your pages to see if you can accept it. Start off using the default bootstrap theme. Obviously, I have no idea what your UI looks like at all, but maybe you can make Web 2 work. If Web 2 theming doesn’t work at all for your use case (or it is just too much work), I would just upgrade to 2019r3 and stick with Web 1 for now.

thanks Brandon
i did upgrade to 2023
i miss my old 2016
in fact the styles were working fine
but, although it might be the way
not all the ways are the real way
import object
in the code, seems to me general way
i guess i will have to re-learn
thanks again

2016 is kind of old in other issues
but i agree with you, some changes are not solutions
so far