Bootstrap for WE?

I’m wondering if Xojo WE should simply standardize around Twitter Bootstrap.

Any thoughts on this?

Hey Gary, we have implemented many of them for our projects. Getting them to show up is easy, connecting the events so they feel like actual controls is a bit more work. They do make WE apps look really great however.

Do you have an example of that?

I was thinking there really should have the ability to generate apps that use Bootstrap instead of some generic HTML code they provide. Having “industry standard” HTML 5 Responsive output is really important these days.

Well theres a huge difference between how bootstrap does responsive and how you go about it in Xojo. You can do responsive now just by detecting orientation / browser size changes and responding accordingly. In Xojo all client side events get fired back to the server and handled by your events. In Bootstrap thats all client side and the server doesn’t necessarily care that you rotated device or using a mobile device unless you specifically told the server that.

I guess my point is you have the tools to do it now if you so choose. Bolting bootstrap onto WE won’t automatically make it responsive anymore than it already is due to the nature of Xojo WE.

I would shave that that If the JS code is in a browser, and the browser is shifted, the device will fire the event to the object and the update / change event will be executed. The code generated, or executed in the browser is what’s important, and if thats Bootstrap, it shouldn’t matter — it should work.

What I’d like to do see is Xojo standardize on an HTML5 GPL open source standard so that we’re not using something thats “home brew” and tied directly to the Xojo eco-system. That we could generate WE apps that would allow for the ability to be responsive and use an industry standard front-end framework.

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That first sentence should have read… “It would have [be responsive] if the JS code in the browser,”

Some of those events are caught by Xojo already.

Nothing stops you from implementing Bootstrap.

If I had the time to implement it, I would. The reality is, I’m not using WE right now because its faster to use PHP and Yii / Boostrap.