Bootstrap editor?

How do we edit Bootstrap, and how can we deal with the custom styling stuff? I miss the old WebStyles so much!

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any editor will work (best one showing you the CSS changes). I am personally waiting:

Not only because of this promised editor, but because Xojo might still change things in their templates, I want to get things become stable first …

But you know that many components have a “style” option which helps on a very few fine-tunings?

Re: Style option - I have no idea how to even start with that, and some of the actual style functions that I need appear not to be available for API 2 yet.

Good indicator to wait a bit I guess ;-). I know JS, CSS quite well, but I don’t want to customize now too much, only to see that things might still change significantly (not that I have evidence for that, I don’t want to spread any rumors, but I think it’s normal that things will still further develop).

More importantly: I don’t want (and I don’t have the time) to build now any big design workarounds only to find out that in the next releases it will be part of the product, or a third party plugin.

What I am not doing at all: thinking how to move a web 1.0 functionality 1:1 to web 2.0. I almost forgot about how web 1.0 worked with the big disadvantage that it becomes now hard for me to change anything in Web 1.0 (API 1, design, etc.). Whatever Xojo or anyone else might be saying, for me it is a new product and I am treading it as such. But again, that’s only me and based on my experience. We are all different in how we approaching new stuff ;-).


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